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Pre Owned Watches

Does 7 Star Watches sell genuine products?

Yes, you will find genuine and high quality wrist watches on 7Star website that are mentioned by their brand names.

What is the payment mode of 7 Star Watches?

We offer services of on delivery payment that is very convenient and very easy for our customers. We however have put a limit of Rs. 40,000 on cash payments that are made on delivery. For larger sums, 7 Star Watches uses other fund transfer techniques that are much safer. We email and phone you the payment details in case of a payment larger than the above mentioned sum. Our staff will guide you within a day of your order placement the procedure for payment in a suitable and timely fashion. We have to cancel the orders in case we do not receive the payment in the allotted time.

Is my personal Information safe at 7 Star Watches?

We believe in the privacy of our customers and strictly ensure that all information is kept safe at the servers of 7 Star Watches. We do not share the private information of any client with anyone and make sure that they are only kept for important record keeping. We never sell your information to anyone.

What is the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping to all our clients across Pakistan. We send items through TCS or LCS and there may be some areas where you have to come and collect your package at a central service point.

How long does it take for the processing of an order?

We generally take a single working day for proceeding on orders. You may receive shipment in a few days according to your city and address.

How much tax is to be paid?

We do not charge any extra tax or fee. All our prices are inclusive of taxes and we do not burden our customers with additional expenditures such as sales tax, processing fee or import taxes.

What is the return policy?

We always make sure that we sent the highest quality product to our client. Even still, if a client is unsatisfied with a product we allow them to return the purchased goods within 5 days of their receipt to get a refund. You can also view our return and exchange policy because it is subject to change at any time.