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Pre Owned Watches


We only sell genuine products and we provide the warranty details that we acquire from manufacturers or their dealers or their specified distribution chain. We are always proud on our products and we totally believe that we sell high quality products. We back our products and we ensure that even if you require a warranty, we provide you the complete assistance needed to avail the free warranty and its benefits. We are always to assist you in all your queries including unwanted situations in which you require warranty for our product.


For warranty, the specific conditions of different watch manufacturers apply on their products. We offer the warranty in compliance with the guidelines given by the manufacturing companies of watches. You will mostly find one year warranty for products on this website. 

 The colour or plating of the wrist watches may be demaged by the time or by the usage of perfumes and water or by any accident. So, the colour or plating of the watches can not be covered under warranty.

 The water resistance of the watches are set to the standards of the normal daily life use. Most of the watches are not made for swimming purpose or for taking bath or ablution. So, any kind of water demage made to the watch would not be covered under warranty. The water resistance of the watches depends upon the health of the water seal that is present under the back of the watches which must be be checked every year and replaced if required.

 The battery of every wrist watch is placed at the time of manufacturing which is not mentioned anywhere on the watch. So, the battery of the watches are not covered under warranty. However, an average life of the battery of a standard wrist watch is approx. one year.

 Any kind of demage or breakage of any part of the watch by any kind of accident will not be accomodated under warranty. However we strive hard to provide you the best possible service for your wrist watch.

  7 Star Watches works as a retailer and serve our honourable customers as a bridge between the manufacturers and the buyers. 7 Star Watches do not own any kind of responsibily regarding the mishandling and misuse of any product sold by us. In case of the rise of any kind of warranty issues. Kindly contact us as early as possible so that we may guide you how we can be helpful in the matter. Any matter regarding warranty of the product will be handled under the policy of the manufacturer of the product.