Omax wrist for men in grey dial with golden steel bracelet

About Omax :

Omax is first founded in 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland. OMAX is one of the best ”watchmakers all around the world” since 70 years. OMAX became one of the best exported watch brand in Switzerland. Now a days, OMAX is ranked as one of the most leading companies in its class with annual sales of 10 million pieces worldwide. OMAX brand produces watches for both men and women.

Now, I will tell you about OMAX new watch . OMAX Masterpiece is the new fabulous watch. The dial of the watch is in grey colour. The glossy grey colour also gives some some white shade on reflection. The 12, 3, 6, and 9 hour are in stick markers in golden colour. The 12 hour has double stick markers. The remaining are in dotted hour markers just like diamond. The logo and signature is written just below the 12 hour. Masterpiece is written above 6 hour. The date is along 3 hour in rectangle shape box with white background and black colour digits. The bezel of the watch is in graceful style. The diamond shape dott’s are there on the bezel. The case and crown is in golden colour made of stainless steel. The crown is used to change time and date.

The bracelet of the watch is in golden colour made of stainless steel. Bracelet is use to hold watch case on your wrist. The beautiful designing is made there on the bracelet. The watch has butterfly lock in golden colour. Above the lock the logo is made there. The watch has quartz movement and it is resistant to water. It has battery operated machine with maximum one year free service warranty. That’s all about our new product.