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Alba is a pretty old wrist watch brand and it in fact was started as a sub divisional brand of Seiko Corporation. Seiko Corporation is one of the largest Japanese watch manufacturers and it started this second brand to introduce its designs in young people and children to make them learn about quality watches and then later bring them towards more quality products which come directly under the Seiko wrist watch brand. The Alba Brand now has its own rich history as it has been present since 1979. Asian youth is directly influenced by this brand. Alba wrist watches especially appeal to people who like to use traditional and classic wrist watches. Alba produces many fine wrist watch models for gentlemen. The name of Alba provides brand value to people and they have come to like the designing and quality of Alba wrist watches. The Alba brand is quite common among young men of Asia especially the Middle Eastern region. These wrist watches are excellently designed and they are available in quite affordable prices.

The 7Star Watches house some fine quality Alba wrist watches for men. These wrist watches provide great value for money and they are excellent for use as classic regular wrist watches. These wrist watches are covered by the warranty of this online store and you seldom face any trouble with an Alba wrist watch anyway. Alba wrist watches for men are excellently designed and they naturally attract customers towards them. They are also quite moderately priced because after all, they are meant to capture the audience for the more expensive Seiko brand which is famous around the world. 



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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items