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Bonito is quite a new brand when considered and compared with other wrist watch brands. It is very to understand and appreciate though that our country, Pakistan has a very dynamic watch market and people are ready to take a chance when buying a wrist watch. Bonito is a word which translates as pretty in Spanish. This meaning goes a long way in identifying that Bonito watches are elegantly designed and well suited for everyday use. Bonito watches are excellent and they are very rightly priced and they are attracting a good market for themselves in Pakistan. Bonito is also the name of a very fine predatory fish and Bonito wrist watches are similarly sharp and decisive. There are some good quality Bonito watches present in the Pakistani wrist watch market.

If we talk about Bonito watches for men, we find that they are moderately priced and contain all the common functionality and options of any traditional wrist watch. These wrist watches are water resistant and usually also show the current date as well. Most of these wrist watches do not require an early service and they keep time by using high quality Japanese watch movements. Bonito wrist watches are for the good people of Pakistan who are willing to give this new brand a nudge towards success. 7 Star Watches only houses the classiest Bonito watches for men and they are very attractive with their all metal finishes and shiny body. Bonito watches for men are excellent for use as a regular wrist watch. They are easily affordable and we recommend you to try on their quality and you will be impressed with the results.



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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items