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Citizen Brand of watches is run by the world’s largest watch manufacturing group by the name of Citizen Holding Company. It is a Japanese company which is world leader now by far. Citizen brand produces the most number of wrist watches in the world. The brand produces all kinds of wrist watches. Citizen brand is famous for preparing wrist watches for both poor and the rich people. People in Pakistan regard the Citizen brand a lot. Citizen branded wrist watches are presented to men as presents in our country. Citizen and Seiko are both prized and looked at with awe in Pakistani watch market although both of them are Japanese brands. The Citizen Wrist watches sell very well around the world. The Citizen Brand has been famous for trying out a lot of new innovations in the world of watches. The Citizen brand still prepares a lot of sports watches as well as world’s slimmest wrist watch. It has been a global watch leader since 1986 and has a rich history of hard work behind the achievement of this first position amongst top watch manufacturers around the world.

Citizen Brand produces high quality watches for men. Most Citizen Watches are prepared in golden theme and this gives them a lot of ornamental value. Citizen wrist watches are usually perfect for wearing at all the important occasions. Citizen also produces special wrist watches such as those for divers. It has also now produced some new and innovative watches that are known as Citizen Eco-Drive watches which use light as a source of renewable energy. People in Pakistan are fascinated by the Citizen brand. These wrist watches are quite famous here and they are worn by people who want to represent elegance and quality. Most Citizen Wrist watches lie in the mid priced region and people of Pakistan can afford them with some effort and they are willing to buy Citizen Wrist watches as it is a sign of prosperity in Pakistan.



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Showing 1 - 21 of 23 items