The return of the automatic watches

Since the big brands in the watch market returned to the automatic movements, the dominating powers in the market took a turn once again. When it comes to the mechanical watches, the tourbillon mechanism is considered to be the most complex watch publications since now. It was a time when having an automatic  watch by any brand was considered impossible. Now a days, the change in the trend has opened the new doors for the watchmakers to enter in the automatic segment.

The first tourbillon automatic watch was manufactured in 1947. After 30 years in the dark, a new flight took place in end 1980’s. A new craze of automatic watches hit the market. The brands who know the graph of the market in regard to watch sales, invested once again in the automatic  watches to be ahead of the market.

Now a days, the sales of the automatic watches are all time high in past 25 years. Keeping this behavior change, 7-Star Watches is also striving hard to maintain a reasonable variety in automatic watches in stores.