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Longines is a very prestigious Swiss brand of wrist watches. It prepares high quality wrist watches for both men and women. Most ladies wrist watches of Longines are extremely elgant and very beautiful. The Longines brand gives a lot of importance to making high quality watches that are exquisitely designed and can really present the name of this very fine brand. All over the world, the Longines are considered to be the original Swiss wrist watches and this company has a very rich history behind it. The Longines brand was established in the 19th Century. The Company found instant success as they made special wrist watches for aviators. It was difficult back then to make wrist watches for pilots and successful aviator watches made the Longines brand well known in the eyes of all the important people of the old century. The Longines Brand has also been the official time keeper at very prestigious sporting events. Some of the finest services of Longines brand iclude the Tour De France and Olympics.

Longines is one of those brands that successfully survived the scare of Japanese watch manufacturing companies and their faster unit production using industrial methods. The company was able to survive in that time because it was always geared towards promoting innovation and new technologies. Longines brand produced the first normal wrist watch that had an LCD display in it. They also created a series of very slim wrist watches in the era of 80s. Longines wrist watches are excellent and especially perfect for classy Pakistani ladies. These wrist watches really turn a personality into a royalty and really speaks volumes about the fine choices of the person who is wearing a Longines watch. It must be remembered though that it is a true Swiss brand and it is quite exclusive. It is for ladies who understand the significance of wearing elegant Swiss wrist watches.



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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items