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Movado is another excellent Swiss wrist watch brand. It is important to remember that Switzerland is a beautiful country and it attracts many tourists from around the world. It is still more famous for its high quality Swiss watches than even the tourism industry. Swiss wrist watches are produced with a lot of quality and they really tell you about the nature of the person wearing a Swiss wrist watch especially in Pakistan. It turns you into classy men who have achieved a lot in his life. This is the value of a Swiss wrist watch around the world. Swiss watches are a symbol of power and give you a lot of confidence when talking to someone. Movado wrist watches are great and it is a good quality Swiss watch brand. The Movado brand was founded by Achilles Ditesheim and it was established at La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland in 1881. It is a very old company and it has changed owners in the past. The current brand is run by its new owners who bought the company in 1983. The brand though has always been successful and it is quite well known among watch enthusiasts.

The Movado brand produces special wrist watches of high quality and it owned the famous Museum Watch which was produced by Nathan Horwitt a famous watch designer. Most Movado wrist watches use Spanish names that really attract a lot of people towards them. These fine wrist watches are really liked by people around the world.

The Movado wrist watches are excellent and they are perfect for use in Pakistan. Movado wrist watches are used by quality people around the world. Elegant people of Pakistan like to use Swiss wrist watches such as those made by Movado.



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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items