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Omax brand is a very successful brand and it is very common in Pakistan. This brand is owned by the Montres Omax S.A. Company and it produces very efficient yet cheap wrist watches that have all the nice functions built into them. The Omax brand is doing very well in Pakistan and it especially prepares many fine wrist watch models for ladies. The Omax brand has grown internationally and they are now well known in many countries of the world. The Omax brand is quite famous regionally and produces a lot of models for our local market. The Company was formed in 1946 and it used to make mechanical wrist watches in its early days. These days most Omax wrist watches run on the quartz oscillations and are electronic wrist watches. The Omax brand is by far the best brand in low priced wrist watches and it really excels the competition in this low priced wrist watch group.

Omax prepares Japanese wrist watches and they run on Japanese quartz watch movement. These watches are very reliable and do not run out of batteries for a long time. Most Omax wrist watches are also designed quite well and are perfect for use as regular wrist watches for women. The brand sells well in our country and it is easy to get support and service of Omax watches in Pakistan.

There a lot of good quality quartz wrist watches on 7 Star website. These wrist watches include Omax wrist watches as well. There are a lot of models available for classy ladies of Pakistan. Omax watches provide good value for money and are excellent for buying in mid range prices. A lady will always feel safe when buying an Omax wrist watch.



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Showing 1 - 21 of 29 items