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People are always looking to buy wrist watches that are cheap yet bear the name of a brand. These are cheaper brands that are designed to provide people an opportunity to enjoy branded wrist watches. Once, people get a taste of branded wrist watches, they usually understand that it is better to use good quality watches then to use alternate copy of branded wrist watches that are cheap but very unreliable. Many famous wrist watch manufacturers generally run a side brand as well as their main and more expensive brand. The Citizen Holding Company runs multiple wrist watch brands similarly. Although Citizen is their main brand but they also run brands such as Q & Q to make people familiar with their branded wrist watches. Q & Q brand is perfect for ladies too because it contains many models for them also. Q & Q brand produces many fine quality wrist watches that are available at quite affordable prices. They really make people get comfortable with using high quality wrist watches. Q & Q wrist watches contain all the standard options and they are also quite beautiful and perfect for young ladies.

Q & Q watches keep time by using quartz watch movements that are bought from the famous Miyota Company of Japan. The Japanese components used in Q & Q ladies watches make them very reliable and they also ensure an efficient operation and therefore these wrist watches do not run out of batteries very soon. These wrist watches are great because they use many shock proof components and do not get damaged at all. The Q & Q brand is doing very well in the local Pakistani market and it is also a well established brand all over Asia. The 7 Star Online Store houses many fine Q & Q wrist watches for women.


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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items