6 Mercedes Maybach delivered to PM house Pakistan

  The most discussed topic in Pakistani politics now a days is the delivery of 6 brand new Mercedes-Maybach cars to the PM house of Pakistan which is now announced to be auctioned by the Govt. of Pakistan especially by the PM Imran Khan after the public response. The Mercedes-Maybach comes with a clock crafted by IWC, which is one of those details that elevates the experience of the car, at least for watch enthusiasts. IWC is one of  the top order watch brands in the world right now but not known much in Pakistan.

We think that a brand of a level of Mercedes and then, special edition car like Maybach should be elevated by a specially designed analog watch with perpetual calender by Mercedes brand. However, the political news of these Mercedes-Maybach cars are a point of discussion among elites in the parties. An estimated value of each car that is delivered to PM house is approx. 17 crore Pak rupees.