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Seiko Watches Co.  is a pretty famous name in the list of watches suppliers. It was established in 1881, when they opened their first watch shop in Tokyo, Japan. Since its inception it has produced many different kinds of watches. The businesses of Seiko include watches, clocks, semiconductor manufacturing, machine parts, electrical and optical devices.

Seiko is a Japanese word meaning “Success”. Ever since it’s established Seiko has lived up with the meaning of its name. The wrist watches produced by Seiko are a piece of quality. The workman ship qualities of Seiko employees produce marvelous time pieces. Seiko produces Quartz based watches, Chronographs and Spring driven watches.

Among the famous luxury watches by Seiko are Astron, Credor, King Seiko and Grand Seiko. These were trendsetter designs of their times and changed the horizons of wrist watches. Seiko is among the leading watch makers in the world. With its outlets in 6 continents it surely competes for highest grossing organization per annum.

Seiko produces best watches with the innovation in designs and best materials. Their efforts have been acknowledged so many times. Seiko has won many awards for its inventive instincts. In 2000 it won “Watch of the Year Award”, in 2008 it won “Golden Wheel Award” and in 2010 it won “Best Sports Watch Award”. There are many other awards which are not listed here, all of these awards show the remarkable work by Seiko.

Seiko watches has a lot of fine watches to its name. it produces leather strap watches for men and best quality watches for girls. The ladies watches produced by Seiko are of special attraction to females around the world.

Seiko has always been at the fore front of supporting the world of sports. It is in connection with Darya Kilishina and Novak Djokovic. At we have placed a lot of watches from Seiko. You can choose the best one for you to fancy yourself. We put special emphasis to best watches for our customers.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 73 items