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Charles Delon watches are the ambassadors of quality in fine watches. Charles Delon watches is not a new name in the market. Their existence in the market dates back to 1979. It was first launched by name of QUEST in 1979 however in 1989 they re-launched themselves with new name and new enthusiasm as Charles Delon Watches. Since then they have been providing top quality timepieces to their customers. Charles Delon watches started their business with traditional mechanical and LED display watches. With the passage of time their designs have evolved into LCD and Quartz based watches.

With their experience of about 25years in watch making industry, they offer vide variety of wrist watches to its customers. Charles Delon watches chiefly offers watches for women. However, bracelet and leather strap watches for men can also be found with same level of elegance and class. Their watches are for all sectors of the society from suave business men to delicate office workers and from casual wearers to blue collar wrists.

Their watches are carved out of brass, steel and traditional alloys popular among the watch makers. Charles Delon is equipped with latest manufacturing unit enabling its customers to enjoy the real elegance of wrist watches.

Their region of business included America, Middle East and some parts of Eastern Europe. But now they have come up with plans of expanding their business to other parts of the world. The existing satisfied customers around the globe give ample confidence and revenue to Charles Delon to expand to other markets. Their promise for best watches will always be of interest to its customers.

In Pakistan, provides you the opportunity to buy Charles Delon watches online. We have placed watches on our webpage from which you can choose pertaining to your liking. would love to provide you stylish watches from Charles Delon Watches.





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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items