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Rado watches” is among the popular names of wrist watches manufacturers. This is another Swiss brand which produces watches for men and women of all ages and regions. The history of Rado watches dates back to 1917. It was established in a small town of Lengnau in Switzerland. It was first launched as Schlup & Co clockwork factory and later on renamed as RADO.

Rado watches lay special emphasis on quality of their product. The best quality material is carved into innovative and fine watches to sooth the customers. Rado watches take care of aesthetic aspect of their designs along with using best quality materials. Since 1990 Rado has won as much as 30 prizes of innovative designs.

Hardness and toughness is imparted to watches along with modern shapes. Rado watches use high quality ceramic materials which are not just restricted to hardness of structures, rather they also impart durability, long life and reliance to the watches. Rado watches use sapphire crystal glass which withstands scratches, due to normal every day use.

Rado vintage watches have a huge market. The price of Rado watches depict the dexterity of its manufacturing and materials consumed during the process. Rado high-tech incorporates diamonds in its dials and has been source of immense pleasure to its customers. Rado high-tech has given a distinct identity to Rado watches and is among its best selling watches.

Since its inception Rado watches have been providing stylish watches to many wrists around the globe. The list of dignitaries using Rado is ever increasing. Many movie stars have used it. Currently Rado is doing business and almost 31 countries of the world, the chief markets of Rado include Middle East, USA, South and East Asian countries. Its business is increasing day by day due to its innovative and charming designs.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 149 items