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ROLEX is one of the most prestigious names in the world of wrist watches. Rolex watches need no introduction. Rolex has a glorious history of producing chic, fascinating and supreme quality time pieces. The name show its first appearance in 1905, when a watch making company was founded by the name of ROLEX, in London by the farsighted founders Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. In 1920 Rolex watches shifted to Geneva, Switzerland to claim its share in the Swiss Watch making industry.

Since the inception of Rolex, it has been leading the global wrist watches industry. The excellence, grace and grandeur of Rolex watches is still unparalleled. The customer base of Rolex is far more than many watch producers around the globe. Rolex doesn’t just produce watches rather it stratifies the society into those who own a Rolex watch and those who don’t.

Rolex watches have five main categories for watches including Datejust, Explorer, Daytona, GMT-Master-II and Submariner each one of this stylish watches give ineffable pleasure to its beholder. You don’t just buy a Rolex, you need to earn it. The typical Crown marks on Rolex timepieces further enhance their looks.  

There is an interesting history behind the name “ROLEX”. Wilsdorf had coupled all the alphabets in every possible manner and came up with a list of names. Among those names he chose Rolex, saying that its easy to be pronounced, easy to be put on the dial and most importantly easy to be remembered.

Rolex has earned the trust and contentment of its customers around the globe. Now its your turn to own a Rolex watch. brings Original Rolex watches in Pakistan through its online watch shop. You can surf through the models placed at our website and choose the one best suited to you.


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