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   The French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, born Pietro Cardin was born on 2nd July 1922 at San Biagio di Callalta near Venice, Italy.  This same year, his parents moved back to industrial town of St. Etienne in the Department of Loire in southeast France.

   Pierre Cardin leaves home to work for a tailor in Vichy, making suits for women. During the war he worked for the Red Cross. After the Liberation of France, Cardin moves to Paris, the fashion capital of the world.

   mpressed with Cardin’s work for his film, Jean Cocteau introduced him to designer Christian Dior. He soon begins work for Christian Dior’s tailleure atelier. At the time Dior was an internationally recognized designer.

   1960 was the beginning of the era of Space Age technology. Inspired by space travel in 1961, Cardin gave fashion a constructive and futuristic look. New materials such as plastics and synthetics were developed. Due to the sharp rise in price of leathers, designers started to experiment with these new materials. Further Cardin raised skirts 4 inches above the knee and plunged necklines back and front to below the navel. His designs revealed a strong designer. Cardin took the unisex jumpsuit and created a wardrobe for the future, unveiling his “Cosmocorps” line.

   Cardin celebrates his 80th birthday by holding a party at his French Riviera Mansion. 200 000 people work for him, with 900 licenses for more than 1000 produces in 140 countries. His trademark is instantly recognized. Not planning to retire, he continues to work, stating “I love my work”.

   Pierre Cardin receives the International CFDA Fashion award. The CFDA awards, recognize extraordinary design excellence in women’s wear; menswear; accessories as well as accomplishments in journalism, creative vision and lifetime achievement.  

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