Omax Masterpiece silver dial wrist watch for men detailed review

About Omax :

Omax is first founded in 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland. OMAX is one of the best ”watchmakers all around the world” since 70 years. OMAX became one of the best exported watch brand in Switzerland. Now a days, OMAX is ranked as one of the most leading companies in its class with annual sales of 10 million pieces worldwide. OMAX brand produces watches for both men and women.

OMAX Masterpiece silver dial wrist watch for men:

 Now, I will tell you about OMAX new watch . OMAX Masterpiece is the new fabulous watch. OMAX  masterpiece wrist watch for men has silver dial with golden colour bracelet. There is also a calendar inside the dial of the watch. Case material is also golden. The most amazing thing i am going to tell you that with golden bracelet, the butterfly lock is attached. Mostly these locks are not attached with watches. The size of the watch is standard and it is also water resistant. The needles over the dial are also of new style. The calendar of the watch changes automatically. We don’t need to change the calendar of the watch. It  has quartz movement. There are stick hour markers on the dial. These markers are of both silver and golden colour. Simply we say half golden and half silver colour on sticks. The brand name is written on the top of the dial. The masterpiece is written just below the needles. And the calendar is below the masterpiece. The needles are also of golden colour. The crown of the watch is very flexible. We can easily push or pull the crown.The crown is also golden. The back of the watch is of stainless steel. The push buttons attach with the butterfly  lock is of light golden colour. This beautiful contrast of golden and light golden colour shows the grace of the watch. When we open the lock, we see that on the left side, the OMAX is written and on the right japan movt is written. The golden colour on bracelet looks wonderful. When the light is reflects on the watch shines. And it shows the grace of the watch. The crystal glass of the watch is also graceful. Just like, when we see the crystal glass from different angles, its looks colourful. It shows different colours with different angles. The glass of the watch is very hard. I love this watch very much.