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A Brief History of 7 Star Watches

We have an established watch distribution business that dates way back in the 1940s. We have been running different watch businesses in Pakistan since its inception. The name 7 Star Watches though is quite a new phenomenon and it started to take shape in 2013. It was aimed to provide the Pakistani public with high quality of timepieces of various kinds and quality. We always offer products that are available at extremely competitive prices.

We want to give our customers the best experience when looking for items such as wrist watches. We stand behind our products quality and ensure that people can use them without any worries. We even take up the concern of our customers directly to the watch manufacturers if we get any and make sure that watches of concerned people are fixed as quickly as possible. We have been offering now very high quality wrist watches at the best available prices in the online world.

We promise the best pricing structure at 7 Star watches. You do not have to worry about the quality of any wrist watch that is on the display here. We have a huge collection of high quality and genuine wrist watches. These wrist watches range from highly complex Swiss wrist watches to reliable and digital Japanese wrist watches. We offer a wrist watch for every like and dislike and there is no design that you would not find here. We also guarantee you excellent customer service and the best personalized response that our customers desire of us when they buy a real beauty.

You can always look at our catalogue and find that there are always some deals available that will let you save a lot of your money while buying from us. We also have a great return policy and we believe in satisfying customers not just in merely profiting from them. This is a place where everyone in the house from young to old can buy a wrist watch suitable for them.

We have a physical presence in Faisalabal, the 3rd largest city of Pakistan. We would welcome you to visit our store if you like. You can contact us for information regarding all items present on our online catalogue. Currently, we are selling our watches all over Pakistan using TCS or LCS. We also offer one of the best after sales service out of all companies.  

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