Alba men’s wrist watch in silver dial with date and stainless steel band and case

How can something so small as a wristwatch be so significant and important in our lives? It seems that even though time flies, the wristwatch is an object and timekeeping device that has been, and continues to be, an object of significance in our society. Wristwatches have been a wardrobe standard for over one hundred years. The most obvious reason is convenience. Worn on the wrist, the wristwatch is always with you and more easily accessible than a phone. Plus, it’s more socially acceptable to take a quick glance at a wristwatch than it is to pull out a phone and check the time during a meeting or conference presentation.

Alba wrist watch for men with stainless steel band in jet steel color. The glossy steel color looks beautiful. The band is attached with case with the help of lugs. The case is made of stainless steel in glossy steel color. The crown is also in steel color. This is very different type of case color. It is very unique. The back of the watch is also stainless steel.

About dial:

The dial of the watch is in silver color. The digits are written to measure time. The stick markers are also there between digits. The small stick minute markers are there between every 2 hour digits. The date is on right side of the dial along 3 hour. There are three hands on the dial. Small hand is use to indicate hour and large hand is use to indicate minutes. The date can change automatically after 12am or we can also change it using crown. We can push the crown two times. First push is use to change date and second push is use to change time. The alba is written just below the 12 hour. The dial has 24 hour digits to measure time.

The watch looks beautiful on one’s wrist. This watch gives personality to a person. This a graceful watch. It has Japanese movements. It has battery operated machine with maximum 1 year free service warranty. In other words, we say, it has quartz movements. The size of the watch is standard and it is resistant to water.

The watch is of good quality and has market demand. It catch the attention of the customer. The watch is very graceful. I hope you like the watch and try to purchase it.