Bigotti men’s wrist watch in black dial with date and day and with steel bracelet


Bigotti, also known as Bigotti Exclusive, is a Romanian brand of men’s jewelry manufacturer owned by Graftex Prodcom SRL. Bigotti is promoted as a luxurious and High-End Fashion goods for men, offering style, quality and diversity for an original, successful image among the industrial market and as towards those who have acoustic taste in their personality.

This acoustic taste designed wrist watch for men’s is crafted into the most alluring and beautiful black color of the textured shaped dial color which please the eyes of the everyone who sees this wrist watch at the very first sight. There are two parts of the texture inside the dial of this wrist watch as one is among the middle section of the dial and the other texture is given around the edges of the dial of this wrist watch.

The time indication into this wrist watch’s dial is indicated through the most enduring and astonishingly designed index Lines.

Similarly, same color of the rotating handles are utilized into the dial of this wrist watch as matching with the both; the Hour Markers and the glossy finished color of this wrist watch’s bracelet. Silver color of the handles are mentioned into the dial of this wrist watch with the additional luminous feature which makes it more easier to stay up-to-dated with the time-keeping even into the darkness. There is a date window provided into the dial of this wrist watch too, between to the 4 and 5 hour, with a white color of the background and utilizing Black color of the Numerical Numbers into the date window as for mentioning the date.

There is a every single minute lines at the borders inside the dial of this BIGOTTI wrist watch for men’s and after every five minute lines, the minutes are represented as with the Numerical numbers as in accounting with the 5 Digits interval for providing you the most accurate time-keeping wherever you go so. A slightly bit curved Glass is provided with this wrist watch’s dial which gives this wrist watch’s dial a very modern and a very attractive looks.

As we talk about the Bezel and the Case of this wrist watch, the Bezel and the Case of this wrist watch‘s shows silver coloring. The Bezel of this wrist watch is provided into the Shiny stainless steel material silver colour and the case of this wrist watch for men’s is given into the plain glossy stainless steel material as including the shoulders of the case of this wrist watch. The Glossy Bezel and case with a slightly curved glass of this wrist wacth represents a very attractive and beautiful looks towards this wrist watch and enhances the most elegant beauty of this wrist watch for men’s.

As we move towards the bracelet of this wrist watch, the bracelet of this wrist watch is also provided into the stainless steel material. The bracelet is, however, a mixture of the Glossy and the Matt finishing which gives this wrist watch away a very classical and both as the stylish and a most fashionable looks at the same very moment. The in between links into the bracelet of this wrist watch are provided into the Glossy finishing as with the very Unique and alluring silver colour and hence; the other remaining links into the bracelet of this wrist watch are given into the Matt finishing. There is a Pusher Lock attached with the bracelet of this wrist watch with a Glossy top having a BIGOTTI Logo imprinted on the top side of the Lock of this wrist watch. The inner side of the Lock of this wrist watch is into the Matt finishing. This BIGOTTI Wrist Watch crafted for the Men’s is given especially into the overall stainless steel material for ensuring the long lasting and the most durability of this writs watch.