Bonito men’s wrist watch in black dial with calendar and two tone bracelet

This acoustic and beautifully crafted Men’s Wrist Watch comes up into the most attractive and eyes alluring black color of the Dial which enhances the beauty and pleasingness of this modern era wrist watch. A very graceful and elegant black color dial has been made into this wrist watch with a little bit of the shine into it which gives away a very charming and appealing look to the every eye of the seer.

Similarly, as of the Dial color, rose gold colour but, into most glossiness, Index Lines are given inside the dial of this wrist watch as for indicating the Hour Lines. The Time-keeping of the Hours are indicated as with these golden color of the Index Lines into extra Glossiness which clarifies the Time-Keeping of this wrist watch. Just as onto the place of the 12 Digit Index Lines, there is small Index Lines placed as indicating the Two Numerical Numbers as 12. The most speciality about these extra Glossy golden color Index Lines is that, with every single one of these Index Lines, there are Luminous Dots places at the very edge of these Index Lines. Which reveals the absolute precise time even into the darkness without any kind of issues and makes it absolutely clear that the Time-Keeping is not at all an issue for you to wherever you go so.

Besides these Luminous Dots at the very edges of these golden color Index Lines, as we talk about the Handles of this wrist watch, the handels of this wrist watch are also given into the Shiny Silver color with a luminous feature which enhances the clarity of the time into the darkness too. There are also Black color small lines indicated after the every Silver color Index Lines into the whole dial of this wrist watch as indicating the Minutes into the whole hour which let’s you to keep up-to-dated with the accurate Time-Keeping everywhere; anywhere.

About bracelet and case:

The bracelet is made of stainless steel (two tone). This watch has some different designs on bracelet. Just like, we say that some vertical or horizontal lines are on the bracelet. The back of the watch is also stainless steel.

Other features about watch:

The watch is of best quality with very less price. It has a quartz movement. Which means that it has battery operated machine with maximum 1 year service warranty. Its size is standard and it is resistant to water.


 These are the important features about this watch. I hope you like the watch and try to purchase this beautiful watch which has many good features. This watch looks very comfortable and decent on one’s wrist. I hope you will try this product.