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Bonito wrist watch for men black dial with steel bracelet

Bonito wrist watch for men black dial with steel bracelet

Today, i have a new bonito wrist watch for men manufactured with good quality materials. The watch catched too much attention from customers. The product is in beautiful look. As you all know that bonito is very famous brand all around the brand. The bonito watches came in wonderful product with very least prices. Because of least price it purchasing demand increasing day by day. Now, i am going to discuss about our new bonito product with best features and graceful product.

Aout bracelet of watch:

The bracelet is use to hold your watch case at your wrist. It came with different materials. Some bracelet are made of metal and some are made of stainless steel. The bracelet of this watch is in all stainless steel with two tone. The middle line of the bracelet is in golden shade. The borders of the bracelet is in silver colour. The watch has push button lock made of steel. The bonito is written over the lock. The bracelet has beautiful glossy shining when light reflect on it.

About dial of watch:

The dial of the watch is in beautiful glossy black colour. The black colour dials are well known in market. The dial has stick hour markers. 12, 3, 6 and 9 stick hour markers are in white colour. While remaining markers are in golden shade. With every hour marker there is a small stick marker above. The hands in the dial are very thin and slim. These are in golden colour. The date is above 6 hour in rectangle box shape with white background and date in digit is written in black colour. Above calendar s.sapphire is written which means that the glass of the watch is semi sapphire. The bonito is written at the top and below the 12 hour. The crown of the watch is made of steel in golden shad. The case is also made of all stainless steel in two tone. At the border of the glass it is golden and below it is in silver.

Other features:

The watch is in standard size and it is resistant to water. The watch has battery operated machine with maximum one year free service warranty. That all about our new product. I hope all like it try to purchase it.

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