Bonito wrist watch for men in black dial with black leather strap


Watch is a small clock worn by a person on his/her wrist. It become a fashion for men and women, and expensive watches are manufactured for this purpose. Bonito watch is also in one of them. Here is one of the Bonito watch i am going to share with you.

This is wrist watch for men in black textured dial separate handle for seconds indication. The base of dial is in black colour. The dial numbers are in Roman numbers. This type of  dial is very unique. But the seconds are in digits. The hands of this watch is fluorescent and therefore it glows at night.   This is extremely a high level product with less price. This type of product catches more attention from the customers. You see, the crown is on right top of the case. This type of crown is not with every watch.


The strap of this watch is black leather. The butterfly lock is attached with the strap. Mostly, the butterfly lock is not attached with strap watches. The case, back and lock is of stainless steel. The most attractive feature of this watch is flexibility of strap. It has lifetime durability of strap as it is made of good leather. This product is manufactured by japan and has quartz movement. This product has a high demand in market. The watch is really beautiful and trendy.