Bonito wrist watch for men in smoke grey dial with date and chronograph

As you all know about the Bonito brand which came with japanese quartz movement in 19th century. Now, it is one of the famous brand in pakistan. Today, I will tell you about a new bonito watch that we have.

About dial and glass of the watch:

The dial of this watch has very unique features. Because of these features this watch became famous in market. The dial of this watch is in smoke grey colour with date and chronograph. The shining smoke grey colour of dial is very graceful. Lets, tell you some new things about the dial. Over the dial there are three small dials with different function. Mostly these dials are not with every watch. The dial on right side has 24 hour function. The dial below the needles show you milliseconds. And the dial on left side has stopwatch function. The date is between 4 and 5 hour. The dial also has golden stick hour markers. The dial also show small stick minute markers. The glass of this watch is crystal. When light reflect on glass it show different shades with different angle. The Bonito is written on top of the dial.

About the case and bracelet:

The bracelet of watch is made of stainless steel. The  Bonito is written over the lock. The case is also made of steel but it is two tone. Some golden shade is there on the border of glass. The crown is also stainless steel in golden shade.

Other features about watch:

The watch is from japan and have quartz movement. It has battery operated machine with maximum 1 year free service warranty. Mostly, watches came in standard size. This watch is also in standard size. It is also resistant to water.


These are all features of this watch. The watch is of good quality and it is making its place in market. This watch is catching full attention from the customers in market.