Bonito Wrist Watch For Men

Introduction to wrist Watches:

A wrist watch is designed to to be worn around the wrist and attached by a watch strap or bracelet. The bracelet may be in metal or steel. Watches usually increase you personality. Watches are of many types like clock, pocket watch, smart watch and wrist watch.


Also called the face of the watch. The dial is the main part of the watch. Dial show the beauty of the watch. Beautiful dial increase the beauty of the watch. The dial of this bonito watch is in beautiful white colour. The date window is at 3 o’clock position. . It has two hands to indicate time. Longest hand indicate the time in minute and small one indicate the time in hour. The watch do not have central seconds hand. Central seconds hands indicates the seconds. S.Sapphire glass used to show inside the dial.

Watch Crown:

A watch’s crown usually controls the winding and time setting of the watch. The steel crown of this watch is at 3 o’clock position. This watch has gripped crown used to change time easily.

Watch Case:

The case holds the watch mechanism has steel case. Lungs extend from the watch case and secure the bracelet or strap to the case.


If its made of leather or fabric, its called a strap. If its made of metal or steel, its called a bracelet has steel two tone steel beautiful bracelet.

Conclusion of the watch:

Bonito is responsible for unique and exciting watches for men. This watch has quartz movement having battery operated machine with 1 year free service warranty, resistant to water, and aim to bring out a man’s inner confidence, free style and elegance. This watch is also available on our website www.7star.pk or visit our shop at D ground  Faisalabad.