Briefing on CK watch K2171

Brand: CK(Calvin Klein)

Model No. : K2171

Category: Mens

Type: Watch

Calvin Klein is the sign of elegance. To clarify, Swiss company make CK watches. So, Swiss made this watch originally. There is no doubt in that.

This watch’s bracelet and case is of silver color. Dial color is also Silver. 

This watch also shows date. Quick date set is at four o’clock.

  Its elegant design delights the every possession of eyesight. Its is a very comfortable and pleasant watch to wear. Durability is our promise If, handled with care. A protective box will be count include in the purchase. 

However, the overall body of this watch is in stainless steel including the crown. No stain can be held on its body rather than scratches. The width of this watch’s case is 40mm including the crown. This watch approximately fits the wrist at 20.5cm in normal. Anyhow, bracelet can be alter afterwards to fit in your wrist as accordingly to desire. The glass of this watch is crystal mineral.

Lines around the dial separates the every minute to count the accurate time. It has light illuminating(Luminous) handles which indicates time even in dark. So, it is a very reliable watch even for weak eye sights. Darkness is no more going to be an issue in seeing the time.

Moreover, Switzerland make movement of these watches. Moreover, the movement of this watch is quartz. This is a chronograph watch. A chronograph watch is a watch with a stopwatch timer function.

This watch includes three buttons at the right side edge of the case. To use the timer function in this watch, press the button at the bottom at the side of the watch for making second hand to come at zero(if it is not on zero already yet). The top button at the side of the watch among the three buttons is to start the timing and to stop it where you desire.

This watch includes a millisecond, second and a minute indicator. Several lines separates  milliseconds, seconds and minutes in chronography. The real time seconds on chronograph watches are shown on a sub-dial on the front face of the watch. The hour and minute hands show the real time as the regular watches display.

Moreover, during timing, normally chronograph watches use main second hand to indicate seconds. This watch have a seperate section build in the dial for indicating seconds during stopwatch. Even a milliseconds section is available in this watch to be more accurate and precise in timing.

This watch have a basic lock. The imprint of company’s logo is at the lock for showing the excellence and trademark.

This is a water resistant watch which even keeps you up to date under the water as in rain or during swimming or under various circumstances. However, water resistancy is allowed up to a specific limit. This watch only allows water to stop entering the machinery under 50m/160 foots. Beneath this limit or if this limit is exceeded, water resistancy fails.

This watch is astonishing for every sighter and discerning and sophisticate looks .