Bubble burst behavior of the market

Th year 2003 was a new test for the watchmaking industry. It was because of a simple reason that 2003 was practically filled with dangers of the changing world. We really need to understand that the effects of Iraq war after 9/11 shaken the world in a terrible manner. We have already talked enough about it and its effects. The economic slowdown and mind product overstocking that occurred at the retail outlets around the world caused serious caution. The watch business was drowning but was that unexpected. I think “NO”. It is just like a party night of drunken class mates reunion wake up in the morning with the bad hangover and it is very simple to understand the he or she needs to have 100 pain killers to control his/her headache and he/she swear to never do it again and in reality one does stop drinking for about 24 hours but at the next occasion, he will take only one peg with friends. This is what is happening today in our world of watchmaking. The first half of 2003 was the time of swear headache and in the second half, the watchmaking industry does the same as a drinker do. If we repeat the same mistakes again and again. We will have to face the same pain in the trade which will then cause further side effects.