Casio Edifice Wrist Watch For Men’s In Black Dial


Casio is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Japan. quickly became a hit after their release in 1974.Casio watches The Casio company was pioneering the mass production of quartz watches, which were run electronically. These were the world’s first successful electronic watches, and they were the height of fashion and technology. This first product was called the casiotron and it sold like wildfire.


Today, we have many new models of Casio watches, but this watch is very beautiful and unique. It has all stainless steel black bracelet/case which is very impressive.

About Bracelet And Case:

This Watch has all stainless steel black bracelet/case. It’s overall combination is very good in black color. The bracelet design is very eye capturing. It’s perfect watch for men’s. It has beautiful rotating bezel in front of the case. this bezel looks very attractive and beautiful.

About Dial And Glass:

The dial of this watch is chronograph in black colour. The dials in black colour has more demand. It has three hands. The small hand indicates hours while large hand indicate minutes and third one indicate second. These hands are thin and stylish. It has crystal glass and date display.

More About Of This Watch:

It has 100m water resistant. This watch is powered by japan quartz movement which means that it has battery operated machine with maximum 1 year free service warranty.

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