Casio G-shock and Pakistani market

The team of the project tough was formed in 1981 with just three members and a commitment to realising the dream of constructing “a watch that doesn’t break even when dropped”.

In 1983 after about 2 years of producing more than 200 phototypes one after another, the team finally arrived at G Shock-resistant structure. That’s the day Casio G-shock was born.

G-shock has followed a unique path of evolution ever since, always maintaining its inherited structure as its core. With each step, it has pursued further toughness in every respect, from structure to materials and functions.

Gravity defier, the watch that raised the multifunction Pilot’s watch to a level even closer to perfection. Rangeman, the flagship model of the master of G series that continues to challenge the ultimate limits. And Mtg the G Shock that pursues and integration of toughness with beauty through innovative exteriors Technology.

Striving to remain as tough as can be, and constantly seeking to grasp new possibilities, G-Shock carries its challenge into the future.

Pakistani market was not ready to accept Casio G-shock as its price was a bit high. However, from year 2010, as the input by Casio Japan is increased, the market of Casio G-shock is continuously growing no matter what price it has. The fashion statement as well as its toughness give it a genuine reason for the growth of its sales across Pakistan.7star watches