Changing trends of online shopping in Pakistan

Commerce is nothing new in Pakistan but the change of action from commerce to e-commerce is new. It has been around for quite some time. However, it is still gaining attraction and significant growth in the market is expected in the coming time. As Pakistan’s internet usage increases, the trend of online shopping will also grow. Although a majority still prefers to shop the goods from the physical stores by going to markets and malls, but with more than two crore ninety lac internet users in Pakistan, this trend is changing at a reasonable speed.
An increasingly larger number of businesses are switching from physical to online stores  by registering a prominent online presence in the country as well as abroad. Customers, too, are getting used to the ease of ordering products with just a few clicks and so, it’s a growing audience and customer base.
Online shopping in Pakistan has helped generate revenue of approximately billions of dollars per year, which may directly be a result of low business costs due to the absence of actual retail locations and shortage of time to go to the market. Such profits are another reason why many businesses are following the online shopping trends. It is estimated in the near future, nearly half of traditional businesses will switch to e-commerce.
In Pakistan, many new initiatives and businesses have been launched online, effectively making them a part of e-commerce right away especially in the wrist watches industry. One such e-commerce venture that offers a comprehensive online shopping experience is 7star.pk. It is backed by an experienced management of 7-Star Watches Faisalabad, which has acted as the pioneer for the upcoming traders in this field. 7star.pk aims to offer top quality online shopping experience, much like any other top quality online store does.
7-Star Watches is relatively more established online shop which focuses on wrist watches. One main feature which makes this venture a people’s favorite is that the product you order is delivered to you within 5 business days. 7star.pk is a unique online business which delivers latest fashion watches straight to your home without any hasstle. The company offers products of multiple world ranked brands, providing the customers with a good mix to choose from a huge number of products.
7-Star Watches, which has long been an established watch dealer in Pakistan, has expanded its online presence to start offering a wide range of time keeping products. They range from Rolex, Rado, Tissot and Casio to special items such as table clocks and jewellery. Customers can order these products online and have them shipped (for free) to their homes anywhere in Pakistan.
This business is a huge convenience for many willing customers across the country. To cite an example, anybody purchasing a wrist watch from 7star.pk had it delivered to his/her home within the next two days. The online transaction saved a lot of time and trouble of searching for a good wrist watch of one’s liking at actual physical shops. The online store of 7-Star Watches not only saves you time, it also gives you a more diverse range of options to choose from. All these online transactions can be carried out without leaving the comfort of your home or without facing any kind of problem.
As we all know that trends of online shopping is growing rapidly in Pakistan, there are many factors which make customers hesitate. According to a recent research, most of the online shoppers have failed in their attempt to purchase a product, thanks to poorly designed websites. Such design failures will cost online companies a lot, the research has helped the experienced management of 7-Star Watches to make the process of online ordering very simple and user friendly. Therefore, to continue a healthy growth, e-commerce businesses will have to continue improving the shopping experiences they offer. Also, businesses which already exist online and intend to switch to e-commerce must take note of the growing opportunities as well as the possible risk losing their credibility. 7- Star Watches is well aware of the changing trends and will strive to provide the best shopping experience to its customers. If all online ventures make it their mission to deliver on their promises and espoused values as 7star.pk does, then we will soon witness an E-commerce revolution specially in the wrist watch industry in Pakistan.