Citizen men’s wrist watch in white dial with date and steel bracelet

Today, I am going to introduce our new Citizen wrist watch. This watch is for men. This watch is totally different from our last product. Some features may match with last product.

About dial and glass:

The dial of the watch is of  white color. The white dial looks shinning and graceful. When lights reflect on dial it shines. When we see the dial from different angles it shows different shades. This happen due to the glass of the watch. The needles are thin and large in size. The dial shape is circle. the date is also shown on the dial at  above 6 hour. The word citizen is written on top of the dial. It has quartz movement. The quartz is written just above the 6 hour. The dial has no digits no Roman index. It has stick ho

r markers. The date of the dial changes automatically after 12 am. We can also change the date and time using the crown. The glass of this watch is crystal. The glass show’s different shades when lights reflects on it.

About bracelet and case:

The bracelet is made of stainless steel. This watch has some different designs on bracelet. Just like, we say that some vertical or horizontal lines are on the bracelet. The back of the watch is also stainless steel.

Other features about watch:

The watch is of best quality with very less price. Its size is standard and it is resistant to water.


 These are the important features about this watch. I hope you like the watch and try to purchase this beautiful watch which has many good features. This watch looks very comfortable and decent on one’s wrist. I hope you will try this product.