Customer is the master

The major reason for the success of a shop is the customer care. The Independents such as a corner shop or a small setup enjoys this privilege in a better way. The small distribution networks also have the better grip on the marketing and sales.

When it comes to the provision of after sales service, a small setup wins. The edge of personnel relationship with the customers plays a key role.  Also, the decision making is much more easier in smaller setups as compared with larger one. The power of decision lies in one or less hands as compared with a bigger setup.

on the other hand, after sales service also plays an important role in sales. A good service provided comes back with a counter sales. You can never say a good service given may not be cashed in future. The management of 7-Star Watches gives its best when it comes to sales and after sales service. Promises made to the customers are kept at a higher level always.