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Founded in Paris in 1962, Daniel Hechter was the world’s first fashion label to bring affordable luxury to the high street. By introducing consistently elegant, contemporary designs to the world, the Daniel Hechter brand has successfully embodied French fashion and Parisian chic. In the era of high heels and beehive hairdos, this was nothing short of a minor sensation, and the designer had pulled off a new fashion statement.
He put into practice his idea of making fashion an everyday event with individually combinable creations for women who were looking to express their personal style.
Daniel Hechter watches are popular for their sophisticated aesthetics. They offer their fans color-rich options to choose from and elements of design that reflect the brand’s flair for style. A unique design implies that every aspect has a different impact, assuming form and function beyond the traditional watch making. And for a fashion brand, we’d say Daniel Hechter has certainly outcompeted rivals in this particular weight class.

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