Emporio Armani AR9502 Chronograph men’s wrist watch in grey textured dial with date and grey Titanium bracelet & case

Emporio Armani releases its tasteful version of a “Chronograph” wrist watch as “AR9502” among the market of wrist watches as by an eye catching and most elegant model among of its own products.

The extremely refined and dignified cultivated textured grey color dial with multi Chronograph indication dials within the dial with black color eye catching handles for giving it an extremely beautiful and sophisticated look for a one who wears this masterpiece.

The case, bracelet and bezel of this wrist watch is specially made by Titanium material for giving it a long lasting and tough sustainability.

Titanium watches have a distinct advantage over stainless steel, platinum and gold-filled timepieces. Titanium is a light-weight metal that is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a suitable metal for outdoor, sports-style use. Perhaps the most common use of titanium in timepieces is for dive watches, which are not affected in extended use in saltwater or in extreme weather conditions.

Stronger than Steel

Titanium is a silver-gray metal found in igneous rocks and sand deposits. It’s 30 percent stronger than steel, yet nearly 50 percent lighter. Until the 1970s, it was used almost exclusively in aviation and space craft construction. Exposed to the atmosphere, titanium properties form an oxide film that resists corrosion.

This wrist watch includes of three multiple dials within a dial where two of them are for Chronograph indication and the third one is for twenty four hours time indication with same black color handles as there are for Hours, Minutes and seconds indication in the dial.

There’s an stylish overwhelming grey color matt finished bracelet giving this wrist watch a distinguished graceful look. This bracelet contains of a butterfly clasp lock made of total stainless steel with Emporio Armani Logo imprinted inside the lock of the wristwatch.

There is also a Black color rotationary bezel on the case of this wrist watch with minutes indicator of time interval after every five minutes for providing a precise indication of the time for the wearer of this masterpiece and an elegant timepiece as an wrist watch.

Chronograph watches:
A Chronograph watch is a display watch with a timer (stopwatch) function. Chronograph watches feature a main second hand that you can start, stop and return to zero by pressing the buttons (stems) on the side of the watch, allowing you to use it as a timer.

On chronograph watches the real-time seconds are shown on a sub-dial on the face of watch. The hour and minute hands show the real-time as regular display watches.

During timing, chronograph watches use the main second hand to time seconds and a minute sub-dial to track minutes passed since the start. More complex chronographs can track hours passed as well by using an additional hour sub-dial.

How to use a chronograph watch?

To use the timer function, push the bottom button on the side of the watch to set the second hand to zero (if it’s not on zero yet) and push the top button to start and stop timing.

The specifications of this extremely extraordinary masterpiece wrist watch are as follows:

Watch Series

Emporio Armani Sportivo

Model number


Band Color


Band Material


Band Width


Band Length

Men Standard


Deployment Buckle with Push Button

Case Material


Case Size Thickness

12.5 millimetres

Case Size Diameter

46 millimetres

Dial Color


Display Type


Item Shape


Bezel Material


Bezel Function




Movement Type


Calendar Type


Water Resistant Depth

50 Meters