Kenneth Cole 50785003 men’s wrist watch in world map textured white dial with golden bracelet & case

Our various variety among in the timepiece collection, Kenneth Cole Wristwatches, are filled with unlimited color range, innovated styles with urban details with sophisticated craftiness. This new selection of casual wrist watches are offered for socially-active men and women committed to creative styling. Its city-inspired looks keep you updated with the current trend and bringing youthful touch to your ensemble.

Kenneth Cole wrist watches as in various varieties are dynamic timepieces that are fun, flirty and experimental for the everyone. These are casual, cool and sleek designed timewear fueled with playful details and frisky hues. With innovative and optimistic inspirations, each Kenneth Cole timepiece promises bold, energetic appeal upon wearing it.

Our collection includes authentic Kenneth Cole wrist watches in steel and leather band with multiple color choices through which we are pretty assured that you will find your desired wrist watch as in accordance with you style’s taste, nature and fashion statement.

Ultra stylish and packed with great quality—in the modern classic way—the new collection captures the seasonal colour palette of deep blues, reds, browns and green tones.

Keeping in line with the brand’s DNA, the watch collection is made with precision to keep up with a true New Yorker’s lifestyle, or just about every gentlemen wherever he is in the world.

American fashion house, Kenneth Cole New York (KCNY) opened its door to watch enthusiasts for fulfilling their desired needs in buying and purchasing among the various models of the Kenneth Cole wrist watches. 

Sleek and sophisticated timepieces! For their most respectable and valuable customers, Kenneth Cole New York launches a new range of gents watches with subtle modern twists, whilst still retaining the elements of the brand’s DNA.

Kenneth Cole is a long-standing leader in the various variety of the wrist watches, designing stylish pieces that reveal the mechanical movement of the gears beneath the surface for an elaborate, structural look. The brand is expanding on its heritage to bring new style innovations for men and women.

Embodying the on-the-go lifestyle that the brand stands for, automatics work in and various other vast varieties of it’s very own manufacturing. Women can model the exposed look through Modern Dress styles.  Offered in new colors, there is a refresh of the best-selling women’s automatic collection. This collection also features an intricate stone detailing around the bezel that adds a chic but tough attitude.

Men can choose from models within a Modern Dress and Modern Sport style. Featuring masculine details and both steel and leather straps, Kenneth Cole offers men watch styles that can transition within all elements of life.

Kenneth Cole continues to provide iconic and versatile designs.  The brand aims for each new collection to enrich the consumer’s fast-paced lifestyles and inspire them to live more courageous lives.


Kenneth Cole is an American designer, social activist, and visionary who believes business and philanthropy are interdependent.  His global company, Kenneth Cole Productions, creates modern, versatile, and functional wrist watches that make daily dressing effortless under the labels Kenneth Cole New York.  The company has a wide variety of the production of men’s and women’s wrist watches. For over 30 years, Kenneth Cole has leveraged his passion and unique brand platform seeking to make a meaningful impact on people’s wardrobes, as well as communities in need.

Kenneth Cole 50785003:

This Kenneth Cole wrist watch for the men’s features a very acoustic and the most elegant looking White color of the dial with a World-Map imprinted inside giving it away a very modern and an alluring look to see. the whole world’s map is designed inside the dial of this wrist watch as to stay up-to-dated with the timekeeping wherever you go so. Very sleek and astonishing arrow designed handles are utilized in the dial of this wrist watch as in the Glossy Golden color which appeals the absolute mystique and an enchanted looks of this wrist watch. Same Glossy Golden color Index lines are used inside the dial for the Hours keeping indication which gives it away a very classical look where the Index lines on the 12, 3, 6 and 9 are a bit larger than the other remaining Index lines. Kenneth Cole Logo is imprinted beneath the twelve 12 Digit inside the dial of this wrist watch. The Glass of this wrist watch is given into a slightly curved shape from the edges which appeals a very attractive and an astonishing look towards this wrist watch in the very first look.

The case of this wrist watch is given into a total Glossy Golden color which attracts the eyes of the every viewer. The case of this wrist watch is, moreover; made from the stainless steel material which gives it away an additional feature of being and staying as a rust-free material. Similarly; as the Bezel of this wrist watch attached with the case of this wrist watch is also given into the Glossy Golden stainless steel material.

As we move forward towards the Bracelet of this wrist watch, the bracelet of this wrist watch is also provided into Golden color but; with a combination of the matt and the glossy finish. The links at the edges of the bracelet are given into the Golden color with a shiny and a Glossy finish. However; the middle links of the bracelet of this Kenneth Cole 50785003 are given into the matt finish which gives away this wrist watch a very alluring and a pleasant look both as being a classical and a fashionable product both; at the same very time. A stainless steel pusher lock is provided with the bracelet of this wrist watch which eases the opening and disclosing the lock of this wrist watch and provides a comfort zone to the owner of this wrist watch. This wrist watch is given into overall stainless steel material which provides this wrist watch an amazing feature of being rust free and having a prolonged period of the life time.