Kenneth Cole Automatic Silver Skeleton Dial Men’s Wrist Watch With Rose Gold case & Leather Straps

As always been appreciated by the fans of Kenneth Cole wrist watches, and this certain timepiece of theirs is a prime example why. This Kenneth Cole New York wrist watch can be worn on any occasion, and it fits comfortably on one’s wrist. It comes with a Brown color genuine leather strap, a silver skeleton dial and automatic movement. Additionally, this watch is water resistant to 30 meters, meaning it can withstand splashes of water only! The structure of this watch is ideal, while its bold style will take your, and your friends’ breath away! Buy this watch if you favour style and good value for the price.

These types of watches do best when they are continuously worn. If the watch has stopped from lack of wear, gently shake it with the dial facing up until the hands start moving again. Or, put it on and move your wrist a few times. When the hands start moving, you can set the time. In general, though, wearing an automatic watch regularly is one of the easiest ways to care for it.

This Kenneth Cole KC 51021002 automatic wrist watch is absolutely all about style. The Jet black textured leather straps looks freaking awesome, and the price is really decent. It features a solid dependable Japanese Automatic analogue movement. The genuine leather band strap is comfortable and definitely of the bestest quality. Despite the fact that this watch is water resistant to 30M, we advise you to not go swimming while wearing it. Overall, it combines a series of details that make this watch completely different from other fashion timepieces. For the amount you’d have to pay for it, it is definitely worth it!

About Kenneth Cole KC51021002 Silver Skeleton Dial With Rose Gold Case & Leather Straps:

This acoustically looking Kenneth Cole Automatic Wrist Watch For Men’s comes up into Silver color of the Skeleton Dial, which means and refers to the Crystal interior of inside of the dial through which, the movement and the mechanism of the machinery can be inspected and observed so easily. The dial of this Kenneth Cole Automatic Wrist Watch for Men’s have Silver color of the border with the most beautiful and alluring Rose Gold color of the Index Lines as for Indicating the Hours Time-Keeping. The Numbers as of 12 and 6th Digit inside the dial of this wrist watch are given into the Roman Numbers Figures as the remaining one’s are given into the Rose Gold color of the Index Lines except for the 3rd Digit as well because there is a “Kenneth Cole” Logo mentioned onto a Silver color of the background.

Every single minute is indicated through a Dot after every Hour-Markers inside the dial of this wrist watch as for providing the most accurate Time-Keeping onto your wrist. Similar to the Index Lines color, Same Rose Gold color of the handles are utilized inside the dial of this wrist watch with Glossy finishing as it is onto the Index Lines, similarly. The display of this Men’s wrist watch allures and attracts the eyes of everyone whoever sees by as the crystal display showing off the overall whole skeleton as the movement of the machinery inside this wrist watch.

This Kenneth Cole KC51021002 Men’s Automatic Wrist Watch uses Automatic Movement inside the mechanism of the machinery which states that it is obvious that you don’t have to change the battery of this wrist watch onto the regular basis as just the normal check-up and service of the wrist watch in about 6 or several months is quite necessary for any wrist watch.

The amazing thing about automatic watches is that they do not require a battery inside the watch in order to work. Instead of using a battery, automatic watches generate their own power by using the kinetic energy generated by your movement. What this means is that whenever you’re moving about, you’re generating energy to power your watch – how cool is that?

 This is worth bearing in mind if you don’t plan on wearing your automatic watch every day. Thankfully, if you are planning on keeping an automatic watch on the shelf for a prolonged period of time, you can still wind it manually to keep it running.

How does an automatic wrist watch movement works?

An automatic wrist watch movement uses a rotor, or metal weight, to power the timepiece. The rotor will oscillate freely within the watch. Every time the wearer moves their wrist, the rotor spins. That intrinsic spinning motion is transferred into energy that winds the mainspring in the watch automatically. The mainspring is where power is stored.

Does an automatic watch still require winding?

In some instances, yes. Watches with an automatic feature that are worn regularly will mostly power themselves. But if the owner doesn’t wear the watch for some time, they will need to wind it to power the internal mechanisms.

As we talk about the case of this Kenneth Cole KC51021002 Men’s Automatic Wrist Watch, the case of this wrist watch is given into the most satisfying to the eyes and the most astonishing looking Rose Gold of the color with the overall Glossy finishing which captivates the attention of everyone around through any perspective. There is also a Similar color to the case as the Rose Gold, Crown is places and attached with the case of this wrist watch with a screw shaped texture and  into a lining texture around it which provides a better grip while into the winding and the adjustments of the Time-Keeping.

When we move forward towards the straps of this wrist watch, the straps of this Kenneth cole Men’s Automatic wrist watch are given into the Genuine Brown color with the texture imprinting onto them which enhances the outlooks of this wrist watch. the most smoothened and comfortable genuine leather straps which are especially crafted as for for providing your wrists absolute and the utmost comfort zone. There is a Kenneth Cole and Genuine imprinting on the inside  of these Brown color of the Genuine Leather Straps as for ensuring the originality of these Leather straps. There is a Similar to the case color of this Kenneth Cole Men’s Automatic Wrist Watch, a Rose Gold color of the Buckle is provided into Glossy finishing with the “Kenneth Cole” Logo engraved onto it.

Always keep the watch dry and clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe the face every night and avoid showering or bathing while wearing the watch. While a watch may be waterproof, watches typically can’t endure high water temperatures. The gaskets within the mechanism can expand and contract, reducing the timepiece’s lifespan and accuracy.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Leather
Case Steel (Rose Gold)
Dial Color Silver
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Japan
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance Standard