Kenneth Cole Chronograph Watch For Men’s

Now a days, Kenneth Cole is a genuine watchmaker’s workshop with an extensive manufacturing process ranging from the development and manufacture of the individual components of a watch to its final assembly.

Kenneth Cole wrist watch for men in white textured Chronograph dial. This product is manufactured beautifully with attractive white color dial with day & date. The dial has stick hour markers. The small sticks markers are there between every hour markers. It has three hands to indicate time. Small hand is use to indicate hour and large hand is use to indicate minutes. These hands are slim and thin in black color. The Kenneth Cole is just written below the 12 hour. With every hour markers the minutes markers are also there between them. The glass is made of crystal glass.

The bracelet of watch is made of two tone stainless steel in silver & rose gold color. The products in steel is made of good quality. It is light in weight. The case is also made of steel rose gold color. The case cover the watch mechanism. The glass of this watch watch is crystal. The glass is use to see inside the case. The crown is also made of steel. It is attach to 3 hour. The product has quartz movements which means that the watch has battery operated machine . It came with 1 year free service warranty and standard in size and it is resistant to water.

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