Kenneth Cole KC50566002 men’s wrist watch in textured black dial with rose gold mesh bracelet

Quality Kenneth Cole Watches:

Kenneth Cole watches are of absolute pretty solid quality, but nothing except for extraordinary. Many people think Kenneth Cole watches are overpriced, based on the fact that these are fashion watches. However, these timepieces are pretty durable with nice styling, and overall they are inexpensive. If anything goes wrong, it’s always good to know that Kenneth Cole watches are covered by a complete one year KC guarantee. Overall, Kenneth Cole watches’ quality is really great compared to its price.

Among our selection of the best Kenneth Cole watches, you’ll find wristwatches with a different design, so everyone can find the perfect one for her/himself.

Kenneth Cole 50566002:

This timepiece catches the attention with its minimalist stylish design and features of its very own. It is gorgeous, and I’d like to quote a customer’s review because he summarized it pretty well: “It is not extravagant or gaudy. Instead, it pulls together the suit you’re wearing with a touch of sophistication.”

Kenneth Cole is simply one of the best men’s  brand when it comes to buying wrist watches. They have proven themselves in the past, and with their wrist watches, they are revolutionizing men’s fashion. Their design concepts aim for a clean and elegant look, and that’s what you should expect when buying a Kenneth Cole wrist watch. My personal opinion is that you can’t go wrong with these timepieces, they are honestly one of the best watches for this amount of money. Much recommended for buying!

The Black color dial with a refined detailed textured in the center of the dial gives this wrist watch away a very beautiful and most elegant look to see in the very first eye contact. Their Logo is imprinted inside the dial onto the texture with White color making a beautiful contrast with the black color textured dial beneath the 11, 12 and 1 Digit in the dial. Beneath their Logo, the City name as ‘New york’ is imprinted as the main development city of the Kenneth Cole brand is New York and their products are made in the New York. Most beautifully but yet stylish looking and dignified Rose Gold color Line Indexes are used as for the numbers indication for the Timekeeping with same color contrast Handles are utilized in the dial as of Hours, Minutes and Seconds indications.

As we come towards its case, they have given the Case and the Bezel of this wrist watch into Jet Black color stainless steel color and material. Which means that this wrist watch is absolutely resistant to rust. The Crown of this wrist watch is also given into Jet Black color with a Glossy Finish so it matches with the Case and the Bezel of this wrist watch.  The matching color of the Dial with the Case and the Bezel including the Crown of this wrist watch with the Dial color gives this wrist watch away a very acoustic looking which draws and engage the consciousness and the awareness of the every eye contact passes by this wrist watch.

When we talk about the Bracelet of this masterpiece Kenneth Cole 50566002, the bracelet of this wrist watch is given into Mesh design with a Rose Gold color in Glossy Finish which is the same color which they have used as in the handles and the Index lines in the dial of this wrist watch. Which means, that the handles and the Index lines color matches the contrast with the bracelet color of this wrist watch and gives away a very alluring look to see. As the mesh bracelets are very trendy nowadays into wrist watches, this Rose Gold color mesh bracelet provided with this wrist watch enhances the beauty and the elegant design of this wrist watch. Same Rose Gold color Lock is provided with this wrist watch with a “Kenneth Cole” Logo imprinted on it so, the color of the Lock matches with the Mesh Bracelet of this wrist watch. Overall wrist watch is given into the stainless steel material so it can always prevent and resists the rust and keep away the Fresh, Lovely and charming look of this wrist watch

Kenneth Cole 50566002 Specifications:

Box Included
Bracelet/Band Steel (Rose Gold)
Case Steel (Black)
Dial Color Black
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Japan
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance Standard