Kwc men’s wrist watch in blue and white dial with blue leather strap

 Today i am going to share a new Kwc watch with you.

Similarly, as of the Dial color, blue color but, into most glossiness, Index Lines are given inside the dial of this wrist watch as for indicating the Hour Lines. The Time-keeping of the Hours are indicated as with these golden color of the Index Lines into extra Glossiness which clarifies the Time-Keeping of this wrist watch. The most speciality about these extra Glossy golden color Index Lines is that, with every single one of these Index Lines, there are Luminous Dots places at the very edge of these Index Lines. Which reveals the absolute precise time even into the darkness without any kind of issues and makes it absolutely clear that the Time-Keeping is not at all an issue for you to wherever you go so.

This wrist watch also features the date indicating function which changes itself as if adjusted accurately once. A small circle is made there in middle of the dial in white colour. The hands of the watch are in golden colour. The logo is written below 12 hour.

Now, we move towards the Bezel and the case of this watch is given into the total Glossy and shining finishing which attracts and appeals the eyes of everyone through its beautiful and shiny looks. The case is made of all stainless steel in blue colour.

As we move towards the strap of the watch, the strap is in blue made of leather. The blue colour lock is also attached with it. The shoulders of the watch are also in blue colour. The watch has lifetime durability.