Lee Cooper Wrist Watch In White Imprinted Dial with Leather Strap

Today, I will tell you about lee copper men’s wrist watch. A wrist watch is worn around the wrist, mostly on the left side. A watch is actually a time measuring machine. But now a days this machine became a fashion. Like RADO, the lee copper is also one of the top brand all around the world. In Pakistan, this watch has too much demand because this is very unique watch. As time passed, the huge improvements were made in watches. A lot of functions were made in watches. Now a days, mobile phone function is also launched in watches. Here is the watch that i am going to share with you.
Like all watches, this watch also has dial but of different type. The dial of this watch is in white color. The dials in white color has more demand. The dial is with stick hour markers. It has two hands. The small hand indicates hours while large hand indicate minutes. Some watches has third one also. The third hand is used to indicate seconds. Remaining two hands is of silver color. These hands are thin and stylish.
About strap and case:
A watch is designed to worn on wrist, attached by a strap or bracelet. This watch has a black leather strap. The strap is of black color. The lock attached with band is also of silver color. The case is made of stainless steel. The crown is in silver color. There are a lugs used to attach case with band. You can see in the picture, silver lugs are there to attach the case and strap. The glass of this watch is crystal.
More about this watch:
Now a days, the watch is necessary for everyone. The size of every watch is different. Some watches came in large size, some came in small size. But the size of this watch is standard. Not very large or small. It is also water resistant. It has quartz movement which means that it has battery operated machine with maximum 1 year free service warranty.
That is all about this watch. May you like this watch and its feature. 7star watches