Marker behavior in early 2000’s

In early 2000’s, the watch market took a curve in its behavior especially after the incident of 9/11. On one hand, the big groups in the market invested a lot in the big brands. They thought that world is again going towards the durable products after a disposable concepts in 1980’s and 1990’s.

The money that was invested in those brands gave a new life to the industry with out any  doubt. On the other hand, the investments made in new factories and facilities in China since then made a vigorous growth in the industry. The overproduction with style and changing designs now had established something that was never thought. Solid and durable watches got a back blow by the fashion brands.

Fortunately, that was not a total destruction to the bigger brands, but rather a big shift of the Swiss watch industry to Chinese watch industry. The financial figures of the trade are in billions in those days.