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Les Ponts de Martel nestled in one of Switzerland’s most beautiful valleys. Here, in the year 1886, the Mathey-Tissot Watch Company was founded. Then began a unique story based on quality, integrity and personal service. Mathey Tissot originally established by Edmond Mathey-Tissot. Mathey-Tissot initially specialized in “repeteater” watches, timepieces that chime the hour and half-hour.
Soon afterwards, the company represented by six chronographs, each with split-second timing. All not only passed the Class A rating with mention of especially good but one had a record never previously attained. In addition to its regular business of producing fine watches for jewellers throughout the world, Mathey-Tissot before and during World War II turned out thousands of timepieces for the United States armed forces and the British Navy. Today Mathey-Tissot offers a rare blend of expertise and quality styling.

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