Omax Golden Dial Women’s Wrist Watch

Today, I have a new omax wrist watch for women in wonderful style. The watch has too much demand in the market. The watch make its place in the market very fast. it has many features, Due to of these features the watch become famous in the market.

Similarly, as of the Dial golden colour but, into most glossiness, Index Lines are given inside the dial The dial of the watch is in white color. The dial has black stick hour markers for time indication. It has stick hours markers. The omax is written below 12 hour. the quartz is written above 6 hour. The dial is of different type. The minute and hour hands and second hands are in golden color. The hands are thin and slim. The crown is attached with 3 hour in golden color made of metal. The crown is used to change time of watch. Move towards the bracelet and case of the watch. The bracelet and case of the watch is made of ion plated metal in golden color and crystal is fitted on bracelet.. The bracelet has beautiful look.The watch has quartz movement which means it has battery operated machine with 1 year free service warranty. It is resistant to water also.

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