Omax Men’s Wrist Watch


The Omax Watch models are produced in the mainland of china. The materials and parts are 100% Japanese. The production takes place in china because of low cost. The Omax headquarter is located in Dubai. Omax is the top brand of watches which provide high quality watches.


Today, the watch we have is very beautiful and unique. It has metal bracelet and it is very impressive. There is Omax logo on the lock of the bracelet. It is men’s metal case watch.  The case holds the inner working parts of the watch. The case also come in different finishes like high polish and smooth etc. The lugs are in silver colour, where the case of the watch connects to strap or metal bracelet of the watch. The crown is of big size. Crown is used to change the watch time. This watch also offers date and day window which you can change by pulling the crown one time and if you  pull the crown for the second time it will change your watch time.

The dial Colour of the watch is white. White dial watches are graceful. This white dial also look beautiful. if you wear this watch on your wrist, it will definitely enhance your personalty. The hands, usually  indicate the time. The hour hand is usually shorter in size than the minutes hand.


The watch has reflecting bezel. The bezel is outer ring of the case that connects to the lungs. The bezel of this watch is round. The watch has crystal glass that protects the dial from dust and dirt. The dial has stick hour markers except 12 or 6 hour. The date and day window is at 3 o’clock position in rectangle shape box. Omax is written below 12 hour. Water resistant is written above 6 hour. It shows that watch is resistant to water. Along the hour markers there are also small minutes markers.


The watch has quartz movement with 1 year free service warranty. These are the features of this wonderful watch. These types of high quality watches are available in very low prices. It is a best time piece that you can wear on your wrist.


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