Omax white dial men’s wrist watch with day and date Rose gold bracelet & case

Founded in 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland, Montres Omax S.A. is a well-known and an established family business on the wristwatch making with a high value. Omax started out to be among one of the “world’s leading wrist watch makers” 70 years ago and became Switzerland’s most exported watch brand even in the era of the ’70s.

The brand unites a deep-rooted history and an experience with the style and the opportunities of today in brand new designs and production phases of each piece with narrate detailing. As a result, Omax keeps its place as among one of the leading wrist watch making companies in its class with annual sales of 10 million pieces worldwide.

Both quality and design has been set at the very focus of Omax since the first day it was established. Specializing itself in automatic and self-winding wrist watches before even “Quartz” technology evolved, Omax pioneered into a brand new design trend with the “Spaceman” collection designed by Andre le Marquand, one of the leading designers of the time in 1974. Going beyond the time, this design concept continued with special models like “Jump Hour” as in the market of the wrist watch making companies.

As an innovative and progressive brand, Omax re-established the organization in 1995 in order “to be one of the leading watchmakers”. Production was moved from Switzerland to Japan and Hong Kong as a result of business cooperation with the Japanese Seiko Epson company, which is the inventor of Quartz technology, which means “watch movement working with battery”. It has been the beginning of a new era both for watch world and Omax.

Omax gives top priority to having an attraction for the ones who know the value of this business. This is why, the brand has gotten credit by watch users, designers and collectors since the beginning. Omax was one of the few watch brands to be exhibited at the New York Modern Arts in time, with the collection of the Spaceman, which is still one of the favorite pieces of the collectors today and is among the legends of the watch world.

With the responsibility of being highly popular and beloved brand, Omax proceeds on its way with the most elegant and robust products at the cutting edge.

The Omax Watch models are subsidized by SEIKO EPSON INSTRUMENTS. The materials and parts are 100% Japanese. If you buy one of these models you will be guaranteed of a good quality Quartz wrist watch.

Omax Wrist Watch has the honor that Swiss name Montres OMAX S.A. is to maintain that in the past was a good brand, and still is only OMAX WATCH COMPANY has made a switch to the Quartz wrist watches. The headquarter is located in DUBAI. The Swiss made OMAX WATCH will only be found in the vintage models that can be seen on our website among the various series and varieties of the OMAX wrist watches collection. With the Omax Quartz watches, customers can prefer Traditional design, but also Omax Quartz Crystals these are mostly for the ladies who are not afraid to show their individuality.

One of the most important wrist watch designers from Switzerland in the early seventies, Andre le Marquand was a pioneer in the design of wrist watches. He designed the OMAX SPACEMAN that was a revolutionary at the time, a Swiss Omax watch with an automatic movement. Some of his models are on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art which can be found and seen in our brands categories and can be purchased as well by ordering online.
The original Omax wrist watch brand is since 1946.

Be yourself feel no matter what is unique because there is just you ..

This model of the Omax wrist watch as Omax 5066.1 is presented and released as into an acoustic white color dial with day and date display in multiple dials within the dial in Rose Gold color schemes which gives it away a very beautiful and an elegant look. Rose Gold color luminous Line Indexes are utilized inside the dial for the absolute precise indication of the time even in the dark so, you can stay up-to-date with the timekeeping wherever you go so. Similarly, Same Rose Gold color luminous handles are provided inside the dial for color contrast matching with the multiple day and date dials within the dial. Every single minute lines are also indicated inside the dial for the accurate time keeping. Another multiple dial is given within the dial as inside the main dial of the wrist watch same as in the beautiful acoustic Rose Gold color for Railway-time keeping.

The Case and the Bezel of this wrist watch is given into the same Rose Gold color as of the multiple dials within the dial and Hence; the Case and the Bezel of this wrist watch are given into the Glossy finish which gives it away an absolute alluring and an astonishing look. Same colors as used in the case and the bezel of this wrist watch are utilized in the Crowns(Buttons) of this wrist watch for matching the same color contrast.

As we comes up to the bracelet of this wrist watch, it is an allure looking stainless steel Mesh bracelet given into the Rose Gold acoustic color which pleases the every eye sees upon it. Same color adjustable pusher lock id given with this wrist watch made of steel as with the saem as bracelet material and color, which is really very easy in use to take-off or to wear. It can also be adjusted as with in accordance with your wrist size.

A domed crystal glass is given with this wrist watch which gives it away a really very appealing look. A class in itself since decades, Omax has crafted a really alluring and eye-catching beautiful wrist watch into Rose Gold color all over except for as the dial is in the white color.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Steel (Rose Gold)
Calendar Type Day & Date
Case Steel (Rose Gold)
Dial Color White
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Japan
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance Standard