Omega Constellation 57092311 Off-White Textured Dial Ladies Wrist Watch

As the Motto being in hold of the OMEGA Company, “A COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION AND QUALITY”:

From the beginnings of OMEGA Company, their timepieces have recorded among some of the most numerous remarkable and notable moments in the world and beyond. OMEGA Wrist Watches have been worn by presidents and kings, astronauts and spies, movie stars and you. Behind each and every single one, there is a legacy of orderly classified progressive quality and innovation.

Difference In Material:

As the OMEGA is committed to saying as their very own Logo, “These materials don’t only enhance the watch’s beauty, they improve its performance.” OMEGA is committed and dedicated to using materials that add up to the exquisite and attractively charming appeal of its watches and iconic designs to enhance and booten ups their good condition and performance.

1952 The First Constellation:

Named after the eight stars emblazoned on it’s crest, the CONSTELLATION Series were released by the OMEGA in 1952. Because of its highest Quality in construction and best quality precision, the CONSTELLATION very quickly come to be known as the “SWISS WATCH”. 

The Eight Stars on the CONSTELLATION represents the Eight clarity and faithfulness awards that OMEGA set at Kew Taddington and the Geneva Observatory during the Mid-Twentieth Century. The exemplary iconic engraving of the stars and outlook are in acclamation and admiration to these results, as well as the marvelous  accuracy the the CONSTELLATION Watch offered, and still offers, to its customers.

Company’s Motto and slogan:

One of Omega’s company slogans is “Omega – Exact time for life”. The slogan was developed in 1931 and based on the company’s historical performance at the Observatory trials.

Notable patterns and Owners:

Brand ambassadors:

Omega sponsors a number of celebrities to wear and advertise their watches including:

  • Buzz Aldrin, astronaut
  • Michael Schumacher, racing driver
  • Daniel Craig, actor; fictional character James Bond
  • Richard Hammond, television personality
  • Jeremy Clarkson, television personality
  • James May, television personality
  • Pierce Brosnan, actor; fictional character James Bond
  • Eugene Cernan, astronaut
  • George Clooney, actor
  • Jacques Cousteau, oceanographer; Omega Marine Chronometer
  • Cindy Crawford, model
  • David Duchovny, actor; fictional character Fox Mulder
  • Sergio García, golfer
  • Chris Hadfield, astronaut
  • Nicole Kidman, actress
  • Davis Love III, golfer
  • Tom Marshburn, astronaut
  • Greg Norman, golfer
  • Michael Phelps, swimmer; Olympic champion
  • Rajinikanth, actor
  • Eric Tabarly, yachtsman; Omega Marine Chronometer
  • Michelle Wie, golfer
  • Zhang Ziyi, actress

About OMEGA Constellation 57092311:

This wrist watch for ladies crafted especially from the OMEGA Company as one of their most absolute classy and finest collections, Named as OMEGA Constellation is given into Off-White color Textured dial. A very beautifully crafted cross check parallelogram textured in High-End Details Dial is the emblem for the OMEGA Constellation series. 

Silver color of Index Lines are given into the dial of this ladies wrist watch with same Silver color Luminous handels for the Time Indication even in the darkness so, that the Time-Keeping will not be an issue anywhere you so. There are small Black color Lines are indicated after every single Index Lines inside the dial of this ladies wrist watch as indicating the every single minute into an hour for accurate Time-Keeping. There is an OMEGA Logo imprinted inside the dial of this ladies wrist watch beneath the 12 Digit index Line and ‘Constellation’ imprinted with a star as an emblem above the 6th Digit Index Line.

The Bezel of this wrist watch is crafted with very high-Detailings as in accuracy and precision. There are Roman Numbers engraved on the top side of the Bezel of this wrist watch for ladies as indicating every hour above the Index Line inside the dial of this wrist watch. A round Crown with a textured lining is given with this wrist watch as for the better grip while holding the Crown of this ladies wrist watch as during the adjustments of the Time-Keeping. There are two lines places on to the top side of the Crown and towards the upside of the Crown and same scenario is on towards the opposite side of this Crown side. These thin detailings are appealing the overall looks of this OMEGA Constellation ladies wrist watch proving that the OMEGA is a master company among the wrist watch making companies in the market and industry. Although the case and the bezel of this ladies OMEGA Constellation wrist watch are given into the total stainless steel material  for ensuring the long-lasting and the absolute durability of this wrist watch. the Matt finishing on the case and the bezel of this wrist watch gives it away a very beautiful classical looks as matching accordingly with your desired personality taste and nature.

As we move forward towards the bracelet of this OMEGA Constellation ladies wrist watch, the bracelet is overall given into stainless steel material with a very acoustic detailings which appeals and captivates the attraction towards itself. A mixture of Glossy and Matt finishing Line is given into the bracelet of this wrist watch which totally and thoroughly endures the eyes of everyone arounds. A similar material utilized, stainless steel Pusher-Lock is provided with this wrist watch as for being completely comfortable in wearing and taking-off this wrist watch. An additional extender is also attached within into the Lock of this wrist watch for ladies. An Emblem or the logo of the Omega Company is also imprinted onto the Top side of the Lock of this ladies wrist watch as into the Golden color Square.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Steel
Case Steel
Dial Color Off White
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Sapphire
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Switzerland
Product Type Women’s Wrist Watch
Size Medium
Water Resistance Standard