Porsche cars and high-tech ceramics

Porsche goes for Hitech ceramics too:
As well as its highly specialised applications in spaceflight Technology, hi-tech ceramics also finds Its uses in formula 1 motor racing and – since just recently -in Porsche road vehicles. On the 911 Turbo model all four wheels are equipped with ceramics cross-drilled brake discs, with an enormous improvement in performance.

In spite of an increase of 20 mm into disc diameter, it was possible to save 16.5 kg of unsprung mass. And the practical results are convincing too: the four wheel ceramic break discs not only reacts quicker, it grips better, on both dry and wet surfaces. An effect similar to that of a servo brake is achieved, in which a greater breaking effect is produced with the same pedal pressure. Indisputable that the ceramic brake has a great future. Above all with sports automobiles, the chassis manufacturers won’t want to say no to a ‘gifted’ weight loss of almost 20 kg, quite apart from the clearly improved performance figures.

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