Prestige watch in blue dial with date and steel bracelet in two tone

A  watch is a small clock worn on one’s wrist fastened by a strap or bracelet. It can be carried everywhere you go. The watch is very useful for both men and women now a days. It became a trend to worn a watch on you wrist. It increases your personality. To increase your personality, I am going to share prestige best quality watch with you.

Prestige wrist watch for men in steel bracelet (two tone). It has push button lock. The bezel is made of stainless steel along with crown. The crown is attached with the 3 hour. It is also in golden colour. The back of the watch is also stainless steel. The watch is all stainless steel. The glossy silver colour of the case shine when light reflect on it. The bracelet is attach with case through the lugs. The lugs are in also silver colour.

The dial is in dark blue colour with date. The watch has stick hour markers. These markers shines when light is off. The hands of the watch are in two shades. The seconds hand is only in one shade. The date is above the 6 hour. The logo is on the top of the dial. The glass of this watch is crystal. It gives different shades when light reflect on it. The date is shown in rectangle box. The back of the box is white and date is written in black digit. The quartz is also written above date. The watch has japanese movements. It is standard in size and resistant to water.