Prestige wrist watch for women in white designing dial without calendar

Women always love beauty, there are plenty of choices available to go with in terms of ladies watches. Now a days women with watch on her wrist is became a trend. The watches for women’s are in small size and slim. From the beginning, wristwatches were almost exclusively worn by women – men used pocket watches up until the early-20th century. This acoustically looking beautiful ladies wrist watch comes up into white Dial color which is really very extremely alluring to the eyes as according to its shades changing colors.

See the dial of the watch. It looks so beautiful and different from other watches. This is one of the best designed dial in watch. Because of this dial it has maximum demand in market. The dial is in white colour with dotted hour markers. These dotted hour markers are look just liked diamond. The logo is written top of the dial in rectangles shape box. The hands are in golden colour but when you see in bright light they gives you black shade because of reflection. The dial is without calendar. The dial is in small circle shape. The glossy diamonds shines when light reflect on them. The beautiful designing is there in the middle of the dial. You can also see in the picture, flowers type designing is made there.

About other features of watch:

As we talk about the case of this Prestige Ladies Wrist Watch, the case of this wrist watch is provided into the stainless steel in two tone. The detailings provided into the manufacturing of this ladies wrist watch are amazing to be considered. There is a similar Rose Gold color of the Crown attached with the case of this Prestige Ladies Wrist Watch with a thin lining onto it for the better grip to hold on while into the adjustments of the Time-Keeping. When we move forward towards the bracelet of this wrist watch, the Bracelet is also provided into the overall stainless steel with the Glossy finishing as well. The bracelet of this ladies wrist watch is into thin diameter with the extremely marvelous and astonishing beautiful textured designed into the bracelet of this ladies wrist watch. There is also stainless steel of the Lock attached with the bracelet of this wrist watch.The watch has quartz movements and small in size. It is also resistant to water.